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Nelson Piquet Jr.

SH Racing Rallycross

Ford Fiesta ST Ford Fiesta ST

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Nelson Piquet Jr. @NelsonPiquet
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  • 2014: 10 starts, 4 podiums, 7 heat wins, 307 points, 4th overall (Supercars); 2 starts, 1 podium, 2 heat wins, 75 points, 8th overall (Lites)
  • 2013: 4 starts, best finish 10th, 17 points, 19th overall (Supercars)
  • CAREER: 14 starts, 4 podiums, 7 heat wins, 324 points (Supercars); 2 starts, 1 podium, 2 heat wins, 75 points (Lites)


Having a driver like Nelson Piquet Jr. choose to focus on your series is a big get—with both Formula 1 and NASCAR experience, he has one of the most diverse and interesting resumes of any race driver in the world. In 2014, he’ll make Red Bull Global Rallycross his primary target, competing in his first full rallycross season.

In 2013, Piquet made his GRC debut at X Games Brazil, qualifying near the front of the pack, before racing again at New Hampshire, Charlotte, and Las Vegas. Though his equipment wasn’t quite on par with his new Ford machinery, the racing proved fun and interesting enough to merit another career switch.

Adaptation is one of Piquet’s finest traits as a driver. In only a few years of NASCAR competition, he earned four victories, becoming the first non-American driver to win on an oval and Brazil’s first NASCAR winner in the process.

That’s part of why he’ll be in a Ford this year. He’ll have the best and most proven machinery in the sport, driving for a brand that won seven of nine races in 2013 and helped earn the Manufacturer’s Championship through only six events. Beyond that, he’ll be working with SH Racing Rallycross, which jumped into rallycross at X Games Los Angeles last year mere months after winning the Indianapolis 500.

Holding up to that standard may prove quite a daunting task. But if anybody is equipped for that kind of challenge, it’s Piquet.